“Liberal Riot in Chicago? I’m Not Surprised…or Am I” – by Chris Moore


First off, I want to start with a disclaimer. I never do this, but I feel it is necessary in this instance. I am in no way blaming every resident of Chicago for the fuckerey that took place last night. I know some, actually most, of the victims of last nights incidents were Chicago residents who were just practicing their constitutional rights. I’m going to include quotes from some people from Chicago in this article who were appalled by the protesters actions. However, through no fault of your own, your city and state now have a big shit stain on them in the eyes of the nation. Well……I guess you’re all used to it by now because of Obama’s shenanigans. Anyway, just know, that I don’t blame the normal people, I feel your pain and I still love you. Michael Jordan and kick ass hot dogs go a long way with me.

I understand that the “NWA wannabe” group Black Lives Matter (click on the link. It’s funny. Lol) is pissed off at everything and everyone. I know they are going to be pissing and moaning at every event that has more than two white people present for a while. It won’t even matter if it’s politically relevant or not (See the Super Bowl).
Side note: no one brandished a fire arm at the event, and the cops didn’t kill anyone. See how that works?

So yeah, BLM was there. They’re going to be everywhere for a while. I get it. But, the Bernie supporters kinda threw me off. I mean, I know they’re all pretty pissed off that their fantasies of a “free shit utopia” are fading. But that’s not Donald Trump or his supporters fault. We’re still in the primaries. Hillary and her supporters are the ones fucking your dreams up right now. Why not protest her instead? Kinda confusing right. This one is gonna take some advanced level Moore Logic to figure out.

Now, I know I can’t depend on the main stream media to give me any credible info. So, I went directly to the source. Thanks to social media, I know people from Chicago (I’ll include their statements at the end, I gotta keep the flow going). Basically, among other things, I found out that Chicago is chock full of Liberals. However, I kinda knew that already. Then, I remembered a quote from Ann Coulter’s book, “Demonic“, concerning liberal mobs, “any cause will do”. Ok, so, Bernie voters were there because a Trump rally is as good enough a reason to protest as any….. Getting closer, but why now? Why haven’t they been doing this all along? Who benefits the most from smearing Trump right now? Think…..about…..it…..TED CRUZ AND THE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS!!!!!

Now, we’re on to something. Bear with me. Ted Cruz is the Republican establishments last hope at relevance. Literally. Trump is bringing a whole new group of people to the GOP’s sideline, and shit is going to change. Life time Congressional seats will no longer be guaranteed. They need to derail the Trump Train ASAP. But, the usual “go to plays”, ie. paid endorsements (Mitt Romney), smear campaigns (Jeb Bush), and tag team lying (Cruz and Rubio) aren’t working. It’s time to open up Pandora’s Box and cross your fingers. Let’s incite riots.

Now obviously, Ted Cruz can’t have his name, or his supporters attached to that kind of thing. Besides, they may be dirty, but Conservative Republicans aren’t big on violence. Never have been. I’m pretty sure their supporters wouldn’t stoop to that. However, Liberals love violence for stupid reasons (any cause will do). I have a ton of examples that I can provide upon request, but here are the big ones:

John Wilkes Booth – (Democrat) was pissed off because the South lost the war, and it was now illegal to own black people. Showed his anger by shooting one of the greatest Americans in the head at point blank range.

Lee Harvey Oswald – (Socialist/Communist) wanted to be a Russian, but they wouldn’t let him in because they thought he might be a spy. So, he decides “I’ll prove I’m a commie by killing Vice President Nixon“. It didn’t work out, so he settled for Kennedy a couple years later.

Weather Underground (The BLM of the 60’s and 70’s) – (Liberal Democrats) they did way to many stupid, violent acts to list in one article. But if you’re interested click here….. and know Al Sharpton (Democrat) loved them.

So, in order for Ted Cruz to hurt Trump, he needs to manipulate a group of people that are A) Large enough, B) Unopposed to violence, C) Not connected to him, and D) Dumb enough to believe they’re “making a difference”. Chicago’s Liberal Bernie supporters meet all those qualifications.

Of course, I can’t prove that Ted Cruz somehow convinced a bunch of dumbass freeloaders to crash Trump’s party. But it’s not a stretch to believe it. Think about it. No one, except for Trump, is telling Bernie and Hillary to condemn the actions of their groupies. This is “free bash the Dems gold” right here…..and NOBODY FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT GOP IS JUMPING ON IT. Why? Because it would require defending the guy they want to beat. Fuck doing what’s right, we need numbers!!! When dip shit Trump supporters (I’ll admit they exist) get violent, Trump gets blamed. When thousands of Liberal Democrats get violent, Trump gets blamed. Wierd huh? Crazier conspiracy theories have gone a lot farther with less logic.

But the most important thing, that I want to push is this, all Trump supporters need to remain non-violent. Let the Libs show their ass all the way to November. Trump did gain some “undecided” support last night. We’ll get revenge at the ballot box.

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Statements from Chicago, please read:

“Chicago is the epicenter of greedy, selfish liberal do-nothing people. That’s why it going the way of Detroit…..I can only speak to Chicago’s downward spiral. Liberal Democrats have been in control for all of my life and even before that. Cabrini Green was built to house the poor and with liberal policies. It became one of the BIGGEST ghettos in the country. People from other parts of Chicago were afraid to go through there…… I live in Chicago and see first hand what goes on here. Mayor Rahm was almost beaten in the last election until he promised more free stuff. Not rocket science, so I’m sure you can figure it out.”
– Abel Handy (Chicago)

“The poorest and most ignorant are mad at Trump and “the whites”, when the socialists they have elected for 8 years as President and 70 years in Chicago are the ones that have played them and kept them poor.
The only thing they can unite over is killing their own and destroying their own neighborhoods. Let’s unite to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #VoteTrump”

“Protestors flooded the event, far from peacefully. Called me racist, had things thrown at me, and said I somehow was the one promoting hate.”

“”Protestors” yelling F*** The Police, Bernie, and F*** Trump, staged fights to make it seem like Trump fans were to blame and also Boo’d attendees as they left peacefully and were purposely instigating police and #Trump supporters.”

“the media’s anti Trump narrative is completely false.”

“Scary and sad time to be American.  Stock up on ammo.”

“Radical, violent left wing supporters shut down #FreeSpeech in #Chicago last night.
No matter who you support, this should make you mad.”
– Vito Glazers  (Chicago)

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7 thoughts on ““Liberal Riot in Chicago? I’m Not Surprised…or Am I” – by Chris Moore”

  1. I have a hard time making assumptions about what happened in a place where I wasn’t. There have been protests at every candidate’s rallies. BLM and other activists have shouted to disrupt at Hillary and Bernie’s rallies, which are just as large. They try to come up with ways to answer the protesters’ concerns. Why do things only turn violent at Trump rallies? Does Trump’s rhetoric incite it? Is it a problem with some of those who support him? I don’t pretend to know. But I’m over 60. I’m not going near any event that involves physical risk. The whole thing smells like 1968, when I was young enough to run out of harm’s way if things got ugly.

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    1. Yes, there have been protests by Trump supporters at every candidates events. But we’re talking about a few people being disruptive. This was thousands at once. If it smells like 1968 to you sir, then it’s because it’s a lot like 1968. Disgruntled, liberal Democrats forcing their views through violence. Thank you for reading.


  2. I’ve been a big supporter of this site and once again you nailed this topic. I’m honored that you used a quote from one of my debates. It’s truly sad that Chicago has become a breeding ground for the ignorant and easily led. Even with the some of the highest tax rates in the country, these people keep voting liberals into office. State tax returns have been postponed because of the budget crisis here in Illinois. Need I say more. Keep up the good work, brother.

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  3. Lol I just enjoyed watching the videos. Especially this clip where a bunch of Bernie supporters and BLM folks decided to block off a road with chains and fences and some redneck with a F-150 decked out in trump stickers and a lift kit just smashed right through it. Or when the Bernie people were yelling so many insults one guy decides to blast his motorcycle engine to shut him up… Lol it was great.

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