“Neutral is Logical” – by Chris Moore


One of my regular critics, and Bernie Sanders supporters (seriously, can we stop talking about footnotes in Hillary’s campaign?), told me this morning, “The only thing I’ve been able to glean from your writing is that you like the fact that he’s anti-establishment”. Perhaps he missed part one and part two of my “Moore Logic on Trump” series. In fact, maybe he’s missed everything I’ve written. Or, most likely he’s blind to everything logical. He is voting for Bernie after all.

Anyway, a big issue in this election (and every election since 1948), is how are we going to make peace between the Israelis and the Palastinians. Short answer: We’re not. Jews and Muslims hate each other more than Tupac and Biggie did. According to both the Quran and the Torah this has been going on since……well…..basically the beginning of time. The only thing they both agree on, is that their holiest of holy shrines are located in the same place, modern day “Israel”.

Side Note:


Back to the topic at hand. Personally, I think Holy Wars are stupid. They’re basically, groups of people committing mass murder against other groups of people, because one group thinks their imaginary friend is better than the other one’s. #illogical. The Israel/Palestine conflict is by all definitions, a Holy War…..and contrary to popular belief, Israel is not innocent. They are however, a valuable ally to the United States (even though Obama is doing his best to fuck that up). So, from a political/diplomatic stand point, it would be in the best interest of the US to at least try to achieve some kind of peaceful arrangement in that region.

The problem with the political/diplomatic thing is the sovereignty of BOTH “nations” is questionable. In 1948, the United Nations took some land from the Muslims and gave it to the Jews, thus creating Israel. In 1989, the United Nations took some land from the Jews and gave it to the Muslims, thus creating Palestine. Today, Israel (a UN created state) refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Palestine (a UN created state). See how fucked up that is?

Now, Palestine is bombing the shit out of Israel in retaliation for something Israel did to them, in retaliation for something Palestine did to them, and so on, and so forth. This goes back so far in time that only God or/and Allah knows who actually started it. I highly doubt the violence will ever stop. But we should try because a lot of people are being killed. Including Americans on vacation in Israel.

Every candidate, except for Donald Trump, thinks the United States should stand firm with Israel at all costs. Trump says, we should remain nuetral in negotiations. That alone tells me that Trump is the only candidate who even knows what a negotiation is. The US standing with Israel trying to convince Palestine of a peace plan is not a negotiation. It is an ultimatum.

A negotiation would be something along the lines of, “I understand you’re both pretty pissed off. What can we do to convince you to stop killing each other for a while?” See the difference?

I’m not antisemitic (I love Adam Sandler, and I would totally “wife” Natalie Portman), I don’t believe Trump is either. In fact I’m not even looking at Israel or Palestine as religions or ethnic groups. I’m pretending they are sovereign nations like the UN wants me to. Any president who can bring peace to that region, would be a legend. Even though I don’t think it’s possible, it’s worth a shot. But it will never work with pointing fingers and giving ultimatums. The only chance at success is to send in a nuetral, successful negotiator, with the will and know how to make deals. A man like Donald Trump.

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