“To Trump Haters: Words are Important” – by Chris Moore


While Liberal America is busy calling Donald Tump and his supporters “racists, bigots and xenophobes“, I can’t help but notice they are missing a lot of facts. It’s no secret that I support future President Trump. Some other things about myself are not necessarily “secrets”, just unknown to the general public.

First off, I grew up in Yuma, Arizona. Literally a rock throw from Mexico. About 70% of my personal friends (and their families) are  Mexican Americans. Great people. I love their culture, their morals, their work ethic, and their tequila. Oh, don’t forget the food. Taco Bell sucks by the way. Anyway, back to my point. Donald Trump is not talking about sending everyone with brown skin to Mexico. Not even close. I would never support that kind of racism. There is a key word being overlooked in Trump’s immigration plan. “Illegal“. Trump wants to send all “Illegal” immigrants back to where they came from, and require them to go through the immigration process to return. Yes, that includes sending a lot of Mexicans back to Mexico. It also includes sending a bunch of Asians back to Asia. Caribeans back to the Caribean. Africans back to Africa, and white Europeans back to Europe. But only those who are here “illegally“. Not anyone on student or work visa, not everyone that doesn’t speak English, and green cards are still valid. Are we clear now?

Also, “build a wall” is not synonymous with “I hate brown people”. Once again, key words are being left out. For starters, Trump is not the only candidate who wants to build a wall. Actually, almost everyone of them does. Trump just wants to ensure it gets done correctly. He has, SUCCESSFULLY, built a lot of stuff. He wants it long enough, high enough and on budget. Everyone else would probably spend $100 billion on a half assed picket fence. The main purpose of the wall is to stop the flow of not only “illegal” immigrants, but also, “illegal” guns, and “illegal” drugs from Mexico. It is a fact, not a racist opinion, that all that shit is coming in from Mexico, and has been for some time. If the problem were coming from Canada, I would support building one on that border too. However, no one wants anything from Canada. Especially, Ted Cruz. Canada sucks.

I have a nine year old son, and a seven year old daughter. One lesson I teach them is that “words are important, pay close attention to them.” Another is “saying something is true, without knowing the whole truth, is just like lying.” They get it. It baffles me that liberals don’t.

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