“Refugees. Who’s Call” – by Chris Moore

moore logical thinking refugees

Political beliefs aside, there are two kinds of people in America, the protected and the protectors. I don’t believe one group is better than the other. In fact, I believe our country needs both types to be great, but they are both naive to what the other one does.

Protectors are the smaller group and think much differently from the majority of America. So, to the protected, what you need to understand is that these terrorist organizations are EXTREMELY ORGANIZED. They are not the stupid bush people the media portrays them as. Planning and carrying out a terrorism attack is essentially the same as planning and carrying out a military operation. The type of thinking that MUST go into that is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. They plan for every scenario and every contingency. Questions such as, “how do we get in”, “how many armed civilians are in the area”, “what cities are most susceptible to an attack” are most definitely considered. The more intelligence you can gather, the better. Obviously.

   So, it is mind numbing to me that people think we should make things easier for them by not only letting them walk in to our country, but by disarming our citizens and punishing those who speak against it. When the protectors are unable to do their job, who will? If you are one of the protected you really have only two options at this point in time. Option 1, educate yourself on terrorism/counter terrorism doctrines. Or, option 2, live life, enjoy life, throw parties, set up local charity events and defer your opinion on all things regarding foreign policy to those who know what the fuck they’re doing, aka the protectors, the brave minority.




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