“More, Moore Logic on Trump” – by Chris Moore


When I started MLT, almost two months ago, I made it very clear where Moore Logic comes from. It is MY thoughts. Created from MY research, MY fact checking, MY conclusions. MY BRAND. I don’t speak on behalf of anyone, but myself. In less than two months, my website has gotten over 10,000 views. I have a modest group of regular social media followers…..and a handful of haters. I feel like, at this point, some people (mostly the haters), are a little confused about who I am, and what I believe. I may lose some followers for things I am about to say, but in an effort to support my agenda of convincing undecided voters to get on the Trump Train, I’ll risk it.


I am not a “true conservative”. If that statement breaks your heart, I’m sorry about your luck. I believe extremists, in any form, are dangerous. That includes both liberals, and far right conservatives. Once you close your mind to the ideas of others, you become ignorant. When you become ignorant, you are out of touch with reality. Therefore, you are illogical. I think that many Americans agree that somewhere between the left wing and the right wing, is the brain of the bird. Donald Trump is hated by both the liberal left Democrats AND the far right conservative Republicans. Do you see where I’m going with this? Hate is a side effect of fear. Why do they fear him?

I believe whole heartedly in the constitution. It is a literal document, and should be conserved as such. Obviously, every word of the second ammendment as well. I believe in a firm foreign policy. We need to rebuild our military. Peace is best achieved when the world knows we aren’t afraid to punch people in the mouth. That includes and is not limited to, waterboarding terrorists. Fuck ISIS, and their families. I believe Capitalism is the best economic system the world has ever seen. While I am against socialism, I believe in SOME socialist programs. We as a people should absolutely take care of our eldery, our truly disabled, and our veterans. Therefore programs such as Social Security, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and Welfare, are necessary. With reform of course, because shit is out of control right now…..FRAUD, WASTE, AND ABUSE!!! Taxes, I don’t believe people should be punished for success. The same tax percentage should be applicable to every citizen and buisness, regardless of income. Immigration, our country is a nation of processes. There is a process to everything from getting a fishing licence, to opening a bank account, to electing a President. Why should immigrating here be any different? Giving illegal immigrants amnesty, is giving a big middle finger to all the hard working LEGAL immigrants who followed the process to become Americans. We should send everyone that is here illegally, back to where they came from. Build a wall. Then let those who wish to come back do so, through the process. Nothing says welcome to America, like “fill out these forms in triplicate.” Same sex marriage doesn’t bother me one bit. I guess I have a liberal stance on that. The tradition of marriage has been around longer than the United States has. It’s been around longer than religion for that matter, and the man/women combo has been fucking it up for a long time. If two guys, or two girls can successfully dedicate their lives together, then good for them. Abortion, I’m pro-life with pro-choice exceptions. Those exceptions are rape, incest, and life or death risk for the mother. However, I don’t believe it’s right to kill a baby because mom is an irresponsible tramp. There’s plenty of gay couples that would love to adopt them.

I dont think im such a bad guy. I’m a combat veteran. A single dad. I agree with Donald Trump on 89.7% of the issues. Far more than any other candidate. Click Here, and answer the questions honestly. You might be surprised.

Trump is an asshole. I’m an asshole. Everyone’s an asshole. I think my country is broken, but it can be fixed. So does he. I’m tired of politicians talking instead of taking action. So is he. I can’t say, “Washington, you’re fired”. But he can. That is why I’m voting for #PresidentTrump.

Click Here to read part one of this article.

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