“Is ISIS Real? Ummm, WHAT?” – by Chris Moore with contributions by Ali Fayad


As is the style of American sheep, I encounter a lot of insanely stupid comments on television and social media. Most of the time, I can just laugh off the dumb shit with my, “consider the source” mantra. But, every now and then somebody says something so incredibly stupid, and goes through a shit ton of trouble to trick ignorant assholes into believing their lies. At these times I just can’t sit back and watch them spread their dumbfuck disease among my fellow human beings. I am not going to validate these idiots by sharing the links to their blogs because most of them are sponsored. I refuse to help them get paid for spreading smut. But the comments are all along the lines of saying, ISIL/ISIS is a fake enemy. A government created fairy tale to incite fear and convince us to give up our liberties. Really? Usually, good conspiracy theories include at the very minimum a realistic event. Where is this coming from? My head hurts.

With the help of a good friend of mine, historical facts, and some Moore Logic, I am going to prove to my readers, as well as any moronic doubters, that a terroristic threat against the United States, by ISIL/ISIS is in fact very real. So, let’s go all the way back to the 60’s:

Russia screwed the US in Vietnam by training and providing weapons to our enemies.
-We returned the favor when the Soviets went to war with Afghanistan.
-We also trained some young Jihadists to fight against Russia. Particularly Osama Bin Laden (you may have heard of him).
We abandon Afghanistan after mission success. –Bin Laden gets pissed.
Iraq invades Kuwait.
Bin Laden offers help, Kuwait says, “We have a better offer” (USA)
Bin Laden is really pissed.
-Bin Laden moves to Somalia, Al Qaeda is born.
-Bin Laden starts attacking American personnel and facilities all over the world.
-We briefly go after Bin Laden, but back down, he moves back to Afghanistan.
Bin Laden attacks America on 9/11.
-We go to Afghanistan and turn it to rubble (Great success).
We also go to Iraq and play some more war (Hello Gypsy)
-Bin Laden sees an opportunity to fight US troops in Iraq, Al Qaeda is on steroids.
-We outsmart al Qaeda, and reduce it to ALMOST nothing.
-We exit Iraq too soon, leaving it weak, unstable and vulnerable.
-We appoint a former street vendor from Syria, as prime minister of Iraq. (al-Maliki)
-He makes many mistakes, including, isolating the Sunni’s at Iran’s direction.
Iran battles Saudi Arabia for region dominance starting in Iraq.
ISIL is born.
-International Intelligence agencies decide the middle east needs a shake up.
-The Arab Spring is born.
-The Arab Spring is a failure.
ISIL/ISIS is on steroids.
-ISIL/ISIS takes Mosul, Iraq. The entire world watches.
-ISIL/ISIS takes Raqqa, Syria. The entire world watches.
-ISIL/ISIS commits genocide.
-An anti-ISIL/ISIS Coalition is formed headed by the USA (the USA always heads coalitions).
-After two years, the coalition is ineffective.
-Europe and some Arab states shy away from reality.
US expected to police the world alone, we logistically can’t.
-Saudi Arabia is the inventor and exporter of Wahhabism and terrorism, yet no one bats and eye.
-19 of 21 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, no one bats and eye.
-Today, ISIL/ISIS conducts beheadings and multiple terror attacks (too many links to choose from), Charlie Hebdo, Russian Metrojet, Libya, Beirut, Paris, and of course the United States “Kill List”.

As you can see, the history of radical Islamic terrorism goes back a long way. A lot further back than the time line I just showed you, and I haven’t even touched on the uncountable number of Muslims that were (and still are) victims of the radical arm.

The REALITY is, these crazy bastards are fearless, ruthless, getting more organized and spreading like the God damn plague. The only thing “fake” about any of this, is Obama’s war against ISIL/ISIS and Saudi Arabia’s innocence. The facts will lead you to the truth 100% of the time…….and remember opinions and facts are not the same thing.

The time line was written by my good friend and Marine Corps brother Ali Fayad.

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