“The Truth About the VA: A Veteran’s Perspective” – by Chris Moore


Alright, I’ve seen a lot of posts and news segments bashing the Veteran’s Association (VA), and I can’t sit back anymore without voicing my opinion based on personal experience and research.
I have personally been involved with the VA in Nebraska and Northern and Southern Arizona for about 8 years now, and aside from a social worker in Yuma, AZ who was a complete bitch, I have had nothing short of fantastic service.
Before you complain about the organization as a whole you should know the facts. The VA is federally funded, but those funds are dispersed to individual states based on the number of registered vets in that state (see last link). The state level legislation determines how those funds are actually spent. So, if your local VA sucks, it’s because your state sucks. Instead of complaining about it at the federal level, write your congressman, literally.
Arizona in particular is under scrutiny, but once again you should know the facts. There are 3 VA hospitals in Arizona. Prescott and Tucson are ranked among the best in the nation. Pheonix however is having some problems. But, remember, states are awarded funds based off of how many vets they have registered in their state. The Phoenix VA treats not only local registered vets, but hundreds of thousands of vets registered in other states that are living in the Phoenix area during the winter months. They receive NO money for these winter visitors, but they treat them nonetheless. They are overloaded and underfunded by no fault of their own.
The Veteran’s Administration’s doors are open to everyone veteran, regardless of time served or type of discharge. Although some extra paperwork is required for punitive discharges.
Aside from healthcare, the VA offers a slew of programs to help any veteran with issues such as substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness to name a few. They also offer alternative treatments like yoga, meditation, and other shit like that for veterans who don’t like taking medication. In some cases, the will pay for veteran’s to have a paid caregiver of their choice to assist in daily tasks. Shit, they even pay the veteran’s to go to their appointments!!! Who else does that?
Facts and research people. Ignorant bitching changes nothing. One valid complaint is the bureaucracy, but I challenge you to name one government agency that isn’t a pain in the ass when it comes to paperwork.

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One thought on ““The Truth About the VA: A Veteran’s Perspective” – by Chris Moore”

  1. I agree !! Service and care can vary from place in the same state. I have had great care in the VA. I was in West Palm Beach and the VA hospital there was beyond what anyone could hope for. However when I came to where I live now, the local clinic was very overwhelmed and not able to keep up. As I had the means to get private care I felt the proper thing to do was to leave the VA system and go private. However I am happy to say we now have a huge new VA hospital complex that the ones I talk to using it are thrilled with. IF I ever need it again I am glad it is there. Hugs

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