“The Oscars, Discriminant, or Dumb” by Chris Moore


…..and the award for best actress in a lead role in race baiting goes to, Jada Pinkett Smith!!!

Jada is calling for a boycott of the Oscars and her husband Will, is joining her. The couple says the the Acadamy Awards lack diversity. In other words, the Hollywood power couple is butt hurt because niether of them have ever won one. Its no surprise that Jada hasn’t, but I was honestly a little surprised to hear that Will hadn’t. Will Smith movies are great. But let’s be realistic, he’s an action flick guy. The only thing Will has done that is “Oscar worthy” was “Ali” (2001), and “The Pursuit of Happiness ” (2006). Both great movies. Will was nominated for a best male actor Oscar for both of them. He didn’t win. Racism? Nope. He lost in 2002 to none other than Denzel Washington (Training Day). And in 2007, he lost to Forrest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland).

How can it be racist for an African American to lose to an African American? If that’s the case then the NBA MVP Award lacks diversity. Haha, ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but you have to see my point. The Acadamy Awards are not racist.

But they do have a huge problem. They’re lame.
Great actors and movies are getting snubbed by the Oscars committee all the time. It’s a shame that an actor as talented as Will Smith doesn’t have an Oscar. But it kind of a bigger shame that guys like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny freaking Depp, my personal favorite Leonardo DiCaprio and a bunch of other (white guys, I might add) don’t have any Oscars either.  Your talking about five or more of the most talented and highest paid actors right now, all snubbed by the Academy. Thats not racism, thats retardation. Its not just actors who get blown off either. Legendary epic movie maker Peter Jackson only has one “Best Picture Oscar” which is absurd considering his body of work. I mean “The Two Towers” lost to “Chicago” for the Best Picture Award in 2003. The same year they gave that shithead Michael Moore the Best Documentary Award for a fake film !!!!!! Gasp!!!!

Ok, rant over. Do you see my point now. Based on the snobby history of the Oscars, African American actors should be glad they dont win…….it means theyre talented. If you want to boycott the Oscars, do it because they are stupid. Not because you’ve heard they are racist.

Everyone knows the Peoples Choice Awards are were it’s at anyway.

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